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Dear Sheppey, how nostalgic have your dreams been lately? This recent one from saxifrage-ivy-8105 takes the dreamer back to the house of their childhood, with a good period detail in the form of the family car, a Ford Zephyr. It’s a scary dream so of course things quickly go wrong: somehow a cigar starts a fire in the car and the dreamer is terrified. The AI visualisation has really hooked onto this detail, showing us multiple views of cars of different colours, either on fire or billowing with smoke.

The thing that surprised me in this visualisation is a seemingly unrelated scene showing figures stood in the street, gathered around a burning barrel – a visual trope from Hollywood films, but nothing much to do with our dreamer’s childhood home. Where did this extra detail come from? It seems the AI has imagined it and woven it into the story, which is perhaps not so different from the way humans confabulate and build on our own memories of the past. How sure can you be of your childhood memories, really, when we know that our memories are adapted and embellished over time?

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