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Dear Sheppey, do you often wake up with the emotions of a dream still strong and raw? There can be a limbo state, between dreaming and waking, when the ideas or emotions from a dream still feel real and powerful. When I’ve had a nightmare, this can be a really horrible state that I struggle to leave behind, but if the dream has been a pleasant one it’s nice to languish in this limbo before the reality of waking life takes over.

I can really feel the quality of this limbo state in this dream by plantain-hedgerow-9086. In the dream, our dreamer has dropped someone’s shirt in the gutter and it has got dirty and wet. The dreamer wakes up, but is left with strong feelings of distress about this shirt. They are awake and out of their dream, but still searching for the shirt and wanting to give it a wash so they can give it back. I wonder who Joe is – a close friend, family? The dreamer must really care for him to feel so distressed about his shirt being dirty.

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