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Dear Sheppey, how many of you have recurring dreams about being late? As someone who often has this type of anxiety dream, I feel for compact-guernsey-0627. Their recent dream sounds horrible, a real anxious mess. The ingredients are all there: a pressing need to get somewhere combined with inexplicable barriers: why does no-one have a phone that works? Why can’t the dreamer get out of the building? The AI visualisation has done a good job of capturing the sense of anxiety and confusion in this dream. Clocks appear more than once, a woman frowns at her phone and figure is shown in the middle of a maze – a good visual metaphor for the dreamer not being able to find their way out of the building. There are some intriguing extra details the AI has dreamt up too. What is that strange distorted figure with its head on its side in the opening scene? Why are we shown a hand trembling in front of a door? Why does the young man wearing headphones evaporate?

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