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Hello Sheppey, isn’t it lovely when your dream leaves you with a sense of wellbeing? Some of our dreams are neutral, some are stressful or terrifying, and some leave us with a feeling that all is well. Even if the content of the dream doesn’t make much sense, the emotions can endure and stay with us at the point of waking.

I think this recent one from yarrow-soft-7177 must have left our dreamer feeling good. In the dream they have visited a Japanese bath or spa, and have been healed. They don’t say what it means to be ‘healed’, what the illness or injury is that has been resolved by their time in the spa, but in the dream world that kind of detail doesn’t matter, does it? I love the description of the pool: ‘the size of a car but twice as deep, and very bright… the pool was warm, beautifully warm’. The AI visualisation show us various floating, naked forms, basking in what we can imagine is a beautifully warm pool of water. Maybe, like me, our dreamer is yearning for some warmer weather?

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