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Dear Sheppey, have you ever eaten something in a dream? Last night I dreamt about being in a restaurant to celebrate my birthday and I was looking at the menu deciding what to order. It made me think that sometimes my dreams involve food, but I can’t actually remember eating anything in dream.

I had a look through the Dream Library for dreams involving food and found this intriguing one. We are shown dancers in a nightclub; shadowy, faceless figures; platters of food in a buffet. Like me, compact-guernsey-0627 doesn’t get to eat the food on offer. First they are struggling to get past people to reach the buffet, then the bossy person in charge of the buffet seems to be an obstruction. When they finally get to the food it’s surprising and unappealing: a vat of black gloopy soup stuff. This bubbling mixture is nicely depicted by the AI visualisation. Who would want to eat that?!

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