The Dreamshare Seer

Dream Assistance

Part 1:

Music, meditation, and other sounds to dream from

What might help us sleep well, and, while we sleep, create extraordinary, imaginative and memorable dreams?

To prepare our minds and bodies for the important healing processes of both sleeping and dreaming, encouraging us to become calm, self-aware, mindful and present, The Dreamshare Seer has commissioned four diverse new audio compositions from four important, innovative artists: Shamica Ruddock, Emily Slime, Benedict Drew, and Ellen Mara De Wachter. Each piece has been created specifically with the Isle of Sheppey in mind.

Sound can be a powerful way to help transform our consciousness, so that we can enter an ideal state between deep rest and hyper awareness.  These sound works have been designed to be listened to just before falling sleep, ideally in bed, in the dark, on headphones.  They are intended to flow in harmony with your  own breathing.  In different ways, the complexity, mystery, and evolving nature of each audio piece creates a highly spatial and dynamic experience for the listener.  As part of our ecologies of sleeping and dreaming – its time, its place, our state of mind and body  – these compositions encourage us to exercise deep listening,  triggering a multiplicity of associations, memories, and visions within us.

Emily and Ben both live in East Kent, Shamica also spent several years living there, and Ellen’s Yoga Nidra makes specific references to the geography of the Island, mapping our breath and our awareness of our bodies onto its landscape.

(See also: FAQ: What is the sound that is accompanying my dream visualisation?
For further information about the relationship between sound and dreaming please see Dream Resources )

Shamica Ruddock

Shamica Ruddock

Dream Orientation   (2023)
Shamica Ruddock

32mins 55secs

Shamica Ruddock
is an artist often found working between sound and moving image. Shamica’s current research concerns sound cultures and Black Sonic Modalities. Maroon histories, fugitivity and Black temporal entanglements have also proved resonant departure points. Shamica has presented work at the South London Gallery (UK), Treasure Hill Artists Village (TW), the Barbican Art Gallery (UK) and Canal Projects (NY) in collaboration with artist Emilija Škarnulytė. Additional presentations include Aesthetica, Encounters and Timehri Film Festivals. Shamica has an ongoing project with artist Hannan Jones. Together they have held residencies with CCA Glasgow, and Akademie Schloss Solitude. Performances include Glasgow based contemporary music festival Counterflows, Silent Green (DE), Savvy Contemporary (DE) and Madeira Dig (PT).

Shamica Ruddock’s website


Emily Slime

(photo by Joe Lang)

Dream Scape  (2023)
Emily Slime

60 mins 13 secs


Ffion – Kindle Burning
The Thawing of the Mountain Pass – Berghof
To Kentish Town – Tullis Rennie
She Moved Through The Fair – Loreena McKennitt
The horror of being alive – Mchy i porosity
A Hair, A Heap – Fia Fiell
Honeysuckle On A Turnip Shore – Slowfoam
Grief  (E+E Remix) – FaltyDL
Echoes of Lalia – Damsel Elysium
The Moonlight – Night Walkers – Nocturnal Effigy
Text Me When You Get Home – December
Dreaming at my doorstep – CRYSTALLMESS
I Can’t Remember What I Just Did – JQ
Last Days: Non Voglio Mai Vedere II Sole Tramontare – Oliver Leith
Targala – Emmanuelle Parrenin
Sacrifice I – Nikolaienko
Katie’s Visions – Seconds
Arisen My Senses – Björk
After a Feast – Wojciech Rusin

Emily Slime
is a non-binary interdisciplinary artist from Margate, Kent. Their work investigates the realms of occult and nature. They play with a multi-medium of food, typography, illustration, rug making, sound and video art; exploring how those can intertwine within Wicca and sanctuary.

Associated with Margate Radio, City Wall Radio and a frequent DJ; their sets range from ambient / soundscape to dance / electronic, tactically frolicking with the genres in between.

Benedict Drew

Sceapig Dream Transmission    (2023)
Benedict Drew

82mins 54 secs

Benedict Drew
works across video, sculpture, drawing, painting, and music. He creates large-scale installations, often concerned with ecstatic responses to socio-political anxiety. Solo exhibitions include The Trickle-Down Syndrome, Whitechapel Gallery, London; KAPUT, QUAD, Derby; Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool; and THE ANTI ECSTATIC MACHINES and Heads May Roll, Matt’s Gallery, London. Drew’s work has been exhibited internationally including at Adelaide Festival, Australia; Lofoten International Arts Festival, Norway; and in Hayward Touring exhibitions British Art Show 8 and Shonky: The Aesthetics of Awkwardness. He has been commissioned to create videoworks for public spaces including Art on the Underground, London and Focal Point Gallery, Southend-on-Sea. The installation KAPUT (2015) was acquired by the Arts Council Collection. Since the 1990s Benedict Drew has performed in improvising ensembles, programmed concerts and club nights, and was a producer at the cultural charity London Musicians Collective. Drew has released several records on labels including Mana Records and Kaleidoscope, and often collaborates with other artists and musicians. He launched his own label, Thanet Tape Centre, in May 2020 and regularly makes work for radio. Benedict Drew is a Lecturer in Fine Art at Slade School of Fine Art, University College London and is represented by Matt’s Gallery, London.

Benedict Drew’s Website

Ellen Mara De Wachter

(photo by Samuel Levack)

Yoga Nidra for dreaming on the Isle of Sheppey    (2023)
Ellen Mara De Wachter

15 mins 37 secs

This yoga nidra
was inspired by the idea that there are parallels between the landscapes of the body and those of the external world, specifically the Isle of Sheppey. Over a 15-minute relaxing guided meditation, you are invited to let your imagination orient you on the island and in your body by becoming more aware of your sensations as you journey into sleep and dreaming. Yoga nidra is an ancient practice for cultivating a state between waking and sleep in the body. This helps the mind to let go of its conditioning and restrictive patterns of thought, and get closer to the pure awareness and innate wisdom we all possess.

A downloadable .pdf of the script:
Yoga Nidra for Dreaming on the Isle of Sheppey – by Ellen Mara De Wachter

Ellen Mara De Wachter
is a writer based in London. She is the author of ‘More Than The Eyes: Art, Food and the Senses’ (2024) and ‘Co-Art: Artists on Creative Collaboration’ (2017). Her writing and video essays have featured in numerous books and publications, including frieze, Art Monthly, Art Quarterly, The World of Interiors and The White Review. She has taught artists, curators and arts writers widely, including at Central Saint Martins, the Royal College of Art, Goldsmiths College, Brighton University and Newcastle University, and has worked at arts organisations in London, including the Barbican Art Gallery, The British Museum, and the Contemporary Art Society, where she curated contemporary art acquisitions for museums across the UK. De Wachter is a mentor and Relational Dynamics coach who works with artists, writers and creative professionals, and a yoga and meditation teacher. In 2020 she developed a yoga course to help people access and cultivate their creativity, and she has written and delivered yoga nidra meditations in a range of arts and cultural settings.

Ellen Mara De Wachter’s website



Part 2:

Isle of Sheppey plants to dream from

Mugwort – The Lucid Dreaming Herb

by Grace S Darbyshire


Grace S Darbyshire, based in Kent, works in horticulture, conservation and the arts at Elmley Nature Reserve on the Isle of Sheppey, and in woodland management and self-sufficiency at BASA (Bower Arts, Sustainability and Agroforestry) in Old Wives Lees, Canterbury.


Grace S Darbyshire, wearing a blue jacket, crouching in a beautiful wildflower meadow. She is holding a flower and a book and smiling.


Mugwort - The Lucid Dreaming Herb, by Grace S Darbyshire. A series of 'solarised' images of the plant mugwor against a black background. Addiitional line drawing in white shows the features of this plant. A white text describes the plants properties. The reversed/negative imagery is quite purple and blue.


View/download as a .pdf:
Mugwort – The Lucid Dreaming Herb, by Grace S Darbyshire (2024)

View/download as text only, as a .pdf:
Text only version;  Mugwort – The Lucid Dreaming Herb – Grace S Darbyshire  (2024)