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Déjà vu

Dear Sheppey, have you ever become aware you are dreaming in the middle of a dream? I really enjoyed reading this latest dream from thistle-hound-5670. There are some lovely details: the sunny garden party, the look of love shared with the dreamer’s partner, the wooden hula hoop as something life-enhancing. But the part that really interests me is the moment of self-awareness in the middle of the description: the dreamer has a sense of déjà vu, and wonders whether they are in fact inside a dream.

Some years ago I went through a period of writing my dreams down, for about a year. After some time had passed I discovered I got better and better at remembering my dreams, managing to recall at least one every night in some detail. And then some strange things started happening…

I became much more self-aware within my dreams: knowing or suspecting that I was in a dream, ‘waking up’ multiple times within a dream, or talking about my dreams to other people in the dream world. It seemed as if the boundary between waking and dreaming had become thin.

How about you? If you take the time to remember and write down your dreams for this project, will you notice any strange phenomena? Will you too have these moments of self-awareness?

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