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        A black man with a moustache, aged around 40, is resting asleep on his back on a bench outside in a garden. The wooden bench is covered in a cream coloured blanket. His head rests on a folded up pink blanket. His arms are gently crossed. His legs are partially bent and he wears blue trousers, and no shoes and white socks. It is a very peaceful image. His feet appear to hold a shiny aluminium container between them and are on top of a book with the title

Hello Sheppey, how have your dreams been lately? I’ve enjoyed seeing a real location on the island appear in your dreams already. One recent dream by grass-traveller-2074 started off on the cliffs of Minster before switching location to Cornwall. This is one of those archetypal dreams that seems to be testing out our the dreamer’s sense of risk. At the beginning the sun is shining and all is well; the dreamer is walking by the cliffs and playing catch with a friendly group of people. But somehow something goes wrong and the dreamer stumbles and is left hanging over the edge of the cliff. The dream seems to be reminding the dreamer to take more care, or to be rehearsing the emotional switch from a state of calm to one of high alert. The way the AI has dealt with this dream is interesting too. The visualisation ignores the detail about the dreamer playing catch and cuts straight to an image of a distorted human form tumbling down the cliffside. It’s more dramatic than the original dream description, lacking the sense of confusion the dream leaves us with. The original dream doesn’t resolve itself: will the dreamer fall off the cliff edge, or will they not? We are left not knowing – this dream is a cliffhanger, literally.

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