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Dear Sheppey, when was the last time a celebrity appeared in your dream? There’s a nice description of a man who looks like Oliver Reed in thistle-hound-5670’s dream this week. The AI does a good job of creating an Oliver Reed lookalike, choosing for some reason to summon up an image of the actor from the 1970s, with dark hair and sporting a handlebar moustache. The dreamer has an embarrassing encounter with Oliver Reed’s lookalike, who is big and scary and very confident – probably like the man himself…

This dream is full of good details: the cashmere jumper that the Oliver Reed lookalike is wearing, the tools hanging from the canopy, the rotary ash tray, and of course the mosquito repellant that smells like a chick’s downy fluff. It’s very sensory and full of surprises. Wonderful!

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