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Body horror

Dear Sheppey, what’s the mood been like in your dreams lately? This recent one from thistle-hound-5670 is as close to body horror as I’ve seen in Sheppey’s dreams so far. The dreamer’s cat has a problem with a bone in her leg and gets an X-ray done, but the X-ray reveals a curious green resin shape with ‘intestines’ inside. Is this something to worry about or not? The dreamer is confused. First, the dreamer is worried, then it seems fine, then there’s a panic that the cat has lost her leg, and finally all seems well… What a rollercoaster! So many of my dreams are like this, swinging between different emotional states. How should I be reacting to the events that are unfolding? Should I be worried, scared, happy, relieved, content, confused?

The visualisation is a fun one. I think the AI has done a really great job of depicting the strange green shape in a dreamlike way – it morphs between a shiny, resinous thing to being closer to a plant or animal form, something like a chrysalis. Finally we see it in the shape of a bone, just as the dreamer describes it. But as usual, the visualisation has one or two surprises for us. The final scene shows us a picture of a cat with the words ‘The Dreamer’ and seems to be suggesting the dream description was written by a cat rather than a human. Do cats dream too?

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